Following is a list of frequently asked questions for all our events. If you cannot find the answer please check our policy page. If you still don?t see the answer, please contact us and we will be glad to help. All information below is subject to change at any time.


May I pick up a race packet for friends or family?
Yes, you may pick up a packet for someone else. Please just alert them that you will be picking up their packet. And just make sure you let them know once you have their packet.

May I register during packet pick up?
Registration will remain open as long as the race is open. Please see website for details or special circumstances. We take cash, check, and credit card.

Can I transfer my registration to another Pacer Event race?
No, we do not process transfers between one race and another. Depending upon the race you may request a deferment until next year or transfer your registration to another runner (Parkway Classic only). Check the specific race website for transfer deferment information regarding your race.

May I transfer to another running event (i.e. 10 Mile to 5K) in the same race?
Yes, you may be charged a processing fee to affect the transfer; there will be no refunds if transferring from a more expense to a least expensive run.

May I create a team and run with them?
Specific races are set up to accommodate teams. Check your race website to see if your event is offering team registrations.

I can?t run, so may I request and receive a refund?
No. The only exception is for transferred or deployed active military personnel. Thank you for your service to our country.

Do you charge processing fees when registering online?
No, there are no processing fees for registering online for Pacers Events owned races. There may be charges for non-owned races that are part of our race series. Some races still accept paper registration forms and payment by check or cash. Check each event website for details.

May I pick up my race packet on race morning?
This varies according to the race. Check the specific race website for information regarding packet pick-up times.

I have more questions regarding registration/transfers.
Please see our policies page for more details.

I did not pick up my race packet prior to the event, nor did I compete in the race. May I pick up my packet AFTER the event; including all materials?
Unfortunately, we do not have the storage for unclaimed race packets after each event. However, if you go the Pacers store affiliated with the event, you can ask the staff there if they have any left over shirts from the race (only available at events with race packets containing shirts, and size preference not guaranteed).


What is your shirt policy?
Pacers Events prides itself on delivering quality shirts and other premiums to our runners. Participants must select a shirt size when registering. Participants will be held to that shirt size when picking up shirt at packet pick-up and race morning, although pre-registrants may swap for sizes where we may have a surplus in certain size inventory. In this instance, A PRE-REGISTRANT IS CONSIDERED AN INDIVIDUAL WHO REGISTERS PRIOR TO T-SHIRT ORDERING DEADLINE, ONLINE CLOSING, OR PRIOR TO PACKET PICK UP- WHATEVER COMES FIRST. See each event website for details.

Participants who wish to trade out their shirt for another available size may do so on a first come basis after the race at shirt exchange booth or the week after the race at the sponsoring Pacers store. Shirts that are exchanged must be unworn. Pre-registrants who pick up packets at packet pick-up or race morning prior to start are guaranteed a shirt in their requested size. If we are unable to provide your size, we will offer you a different size or order a shirt and have it mailed to you, your preference.

Runners registering at packet pick-up will select a shirt from whatever size inventory is available at that time. Runners registering on race morning will be charged full price and may have to wait until after the race to claim a shirt from whatever inventory is left over. There are no guarantees that any shirts will be available or in the correct size.

Pre-registrants who do not pick up their packets and shirts at packet pick-up or race morning (race no-shows) are not guaranteed a shirt. After the race starts all remaining shirts are put into the shirt exchange booth and are available for size exchange or distributed to race morning registrants who did not receive a shirt prior to the race.


Will there be bathrooms/water stops on course?
Each race is different. Please refer to the race website for details.

May I wear headphones during the race?
RRCA insurance dictates that we cannot sanction headphone use during our races. Runners who choose to run while wearing headphones must assume full responsibility for their use. They must be able to hear all instructions and directions given by race course personnel and be aware of their surroundings at all time.

We know that many runners feel that running with their tunes helps them stay focused and motivated. We are all in favor of everyone being ?in the zone?; we just want to make sure that your zone does not place you in front of a semi or heading into oncoming traffic on Route 110.

May I run with a stroller during the race?
We believe a fit family is a happy family and while our insurance carrier does not allow us to sanction the use of strollers, we will look the other way at certain events, if the course and/or municipality allow it. Please note we do not allow strollers at trail races or races with start times after 6:00pm (September - March) or after 8:00pm (April - August). Each municipality has their own rules related to strollers; in some instances they are strictly prohibited in races. In these cases, the municipality policy will supersede our stroller policy (a notice will be posted on the specific race website).

We also have some additional requirements: you must start in the back, you may not weave through packs of runners, and you must always yield the right of way to other runners. As long as you drive responsibly you shouldn?t have a problem bringing junior along for the ride. Just keep in mind that that precious cargo bouncing along in front of you is the person who will someday take care of you in your old age and decide if you get the red or green JELLO at the nursing home.

Note - Children in strollers do not need to register. In addition, do not have your child wear a timing tag if he/she is catching a ride. That tag will read that your two year old ran your speedy time and can lead to tears from young children who rightfully won their age group.

Can I bring my dog to the race?
Dogs on 5 foot, non-retractable leashes are permitted at limited Pacers Events:

  • 5K or shorter distance races
  • Events with less than 1500 finishers (based on prior year finisher results)
  • Events held in Arlington County
  • Events held in the morning (start time prior to 10:00am) (exemption: Lost Dog 5K series)
  • Races that are held on roads with multiple lanes (exemption: Lost Dog 5K series).

Dogs must be friendly, be up to date with shots, and have no history of fighting or biting. Pet owners take full responsibility for the behavior of their pet. Pet owners must start towards the back, may not weave through packs of runners, and yield the right of way to other runners. Pet owners must also clean up after their pet.

Pets are strictly prohibited at the Parkway Classic 10 Mile and 5K and all other races not meeting the above criteria.

Is there bag-drop at your races?
We maintain a bag-drop at our races; manned by volunteers. Each event is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Leave at your own risk. Items not picked up by designated time are taken to the sponsor Pacers store and may be retrieved there. Items left after seven days will be tossed or donated to charity. See each race website for specifics regarding bag-drop.

Is there a time cut-off for your races?
We are committed to providing opportunities for participation at all our events, regardless of speed.

The following are our current course timelines for our events. Please note these can change depending on weather, police availability, and other safety concerns. These changes can happen as late as prior to/during the event, although rare. In all instances, we will do our best to obtain finish times for individuals.

As well, the following cut off times are based off of the gun time (time the race starts) not your actual start time (e.g. chip time). If you believe you cannot finish in the allotted time, please e-mail prior to registration so we can determine if we can obtain a waiver for you or if we can arrange an early start.


*Each time is roughly based on a 20 minute per mile pace. Please see each specific event for potential special circumstances regarding cut-off times.

**We have an early start (7:30am) for the Parkway Classic. Please contact if you believe you will need the early start. You must pre-register for the early start.

Any other questions, including weather, cancellation, photo, and legal information can be found on our policy page.

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